June 10, 2011

Let's Stick Our Tongues Out!

Summer is coming and it's time for ice cream. Experimental rock outfit Battles seems to agree, dropping an uplifting visual for the first single from the album Gloss Drop, released this week. Despite not being one of my fav bands, I'll admit I went crazy when I heard Ddiamondd and Atlas for the first time.

At this moment, I find Ice Cream so upbeat and catchy that I can't stop myself from replaying it. The clip has been carried out by Spanish production company 'Canada', which is becoming increasingly popular after working with bands such as Scissor Sisters, Two Door Cinema Club, Klaus & Kinski and El Guincho. There's no doubt, when Canada has its name on something, there's a pretty darn good chance it will be by far superb.

Precisely, El Guincho's video for Bombay has a lot in common with Ice Cream regarding to concepts, photography and motion design. Both clips contain a great collage of surreal juxtapositions featuring loads of near-naked hot chicks (once again, guys, you're in luck).

Sooo many reassuring/scary, daily/weird, lovely/horrible, in short thought-provoking images, that we barely have time to assimilate all of them. We foshotally will finish getting bored after having our fill of frames, but I'm not gonna jump the gun. For now, I bet you'll watch those moving pictures more than once. I have a feeling that Battles and El Guincho will get lotta new fans thanx to those awsome clips.


jke said...

What's with all these different costumes? Also here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9n7DMqbwgU - too strange. Or a new trend?
(dito Hatem)

Oh, the chicks - appreciated :-)

kurrukata said...

With all these images one after another, did you have enought time to pay attention to the garments?

jke said...

Yes! It's just the costumes that look like a même to me. Maybe the costumes are a good hook for another compilation? "videos with costumes"

kurrukata said...

The true thing is that these clothes don't seem so weird to me... Hahaha!