June 2, 2011


Pájaro Sunrise is back on the mucic scene with their latest album called Old Goodbyes. It's actually a transitional stuff for the renewed Spanish band, which talk 'bout stirring break-ups in every sense of the word.

Everything we left behind cud be symbolized in many different ways:

         A plane going up in the sky.         
 Leaves coming off of branches.
 Icicles falling off a building.
 Stacked cardboard boxes in an empty room.
 Bare walls.
 A light bulb going off.
 Rotting fruit.
 A cig crush.
 The end of a good book.
 Removing the training wheels from the children's bicycles.
Hanging up the phone after a long chat.
 Food debris on dishes.
 Stores closing doors.
 Withered flowers throwed in the bin.
Getting a haircut.
 After-party mess.
 A clean empty bed in a hospital.
 A sunset.
Warning: Don't watch this video if you suffer from melancholy.

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    Terry said...

    That's so sad! :-(