June 27, 2011

Happy BOARDay!

Engine noise when the plane is about to crash, compared to the ruckus at a crowded birthday party. I know it might seem really messed up but this crazy analogy cud only have occurred to Bright Eyes. That's fine, trying to stay positive even in unavoidable catastrophic situations. I luv it!


jke said...

he: "...yeah, so I'll be on holiday next week."
she: "oh, nice. where to?"
he: "Spain"
she: "oh great, will you be flying there?"
he: "yup."
she: "ah, bueno, I have this really awkward video here which I've been dying to blog about....."
he: "....[pause]....I am afraid of flying."
she: __________________

kurrukata said...

IMFAO!! I didn't write it on purpose... Hahaha, I'm really sorry! ;)