June 21, 2011

SUbMERged In Summer

Today is June 21st, the official first day of summer.

I know summer is meant to be all about birds twittering, lots of sun and long days. But let's face it: it's actually about wasps, sunburn, sweaty thighs sticking to plastic chairs, and the sun rising before you even get to sleep. In Madrid, the city where I live, temps commonly reach anything up to 40ºC  (approx. 104ºF)  in July and August. So, to be honest, I don't like summer at all. Anyway, there's three whole months to enjoy it as much as possible, before it's time to start complaining about winter.

Papa Topo - Lo Que Me Gusta Del Verano Es Poder Tomar Helado*

* Meaning: What I Like Most About Summer Is Eating Ice Cream


Sherman said...

Im complaining about winter :(... its cold here... Lately i found myself remembering all the good stuff the european summer has to offer. But well, there will always be, another day.

kurrukata said...

The thing is complaining! In the winter you can wear layers of clothes when outside in the cold weather... But what to do in the summer?