June 13, 2011

Early To Bed, Early To Rise...

... Makes The Man Healthy, Wealthy And Wise.

I'm always hesitant when I see an artist compared to another one so frequently. And my curiosity and skepticism were at a pretty high level when I first read about James Vincent McMorrow and his supposed similarity to Bon Iver. After hearing the first couple songs on his new release however, it made perfect sense.

The comparisons are accurate, at least at the start of the album, and I hope that his resemblance helps get others ears open towards his sound. There's something really heartwarming about his brand of  sweetly romantic and nostalgic folk that makes it impossible to feel intimidated. Seriously dudes, nice first impression. 

In this exclusive interview, the Irishman talks 'bout the process behind creating Early In The Morning, besides quite a weird question at the end. Ah, it begins in German but continues in English, so don't be scared!


I personally really like the infectious country-tinged folk contained in Sparrow & The Wolf, which is the gem track for me and whose video has been recently released.

After lurking for a long time, I've not been able to collect all the songs from the record. But at least I found some of them. Take a listen now! 

Warning: Don't try them out if you need simple and blaring lyrics to brighten your day.
If I Had A Boat
We Don't Eat
Follow You Down To The Red Oak Tree
From The Woods
Early In the Morning (I’ll Come Calling)


jke said...

Ah, this reminds me of Fleet Foxes "Ragged Woods". Did you fix some of the mp3s?

Davblin83 said...

I’m glad that you made a post about him because I really don’t think he gets enough attention at all.

kurrukata said...

@jke Yep. Dunno why but they didn't work properly. BTW, you'll love next post, you'll love next post… ;)

@Davblin83 I totally agree with you. There are plenty of artists who never receive the recognition they deserve. Dammit!