June 5, 2011

Catalan Indie Music

In recent years, lots of Catalan musicians (I mean, singing in their own language) began to move away from traditional folk music, springing up new bands in many other genres.

In broad terms, I'd talk about two different musical trends on the subject:
  • On one hand, those tunes that bring me joy and IDK why remind me a little of summer. Hilarious, incisive and often foul-mouthed lyrics which don't shrink from anything, making social criticisms and even treating eschatological issues. 
  • On the other hand, the more mellow and lo-fi side of Catalan indie talkin' mainly 'bout lost traditions and old lovers. 

Here are some examples:

       Antònia Font - Canta               Pepet i Marieta - Me Moles

     Els Amics De Les Arts - JeanLuc            Inspira - Focs i Brases

           Mishima - Un Tros De Fang                   Manel - Al Mar!

If your curiosity has been aroused after reading the post, go over to the following playlist.


Anonymous said...

Gracias por abrirme la puerta a Mishima... a la música catalana indie en general y por descubrirme que otras formas de música, son posibles...

kurrukata said...

De nada, pequeña! Gracias a ti por ahondar en mi mundo y apreciar cada cosa que hago!! :)