June 29, 2011

Looking For His Glasses

Heineken Festival Review (IV)

As you already know, one of my favorite things to do on earth is seeing live music. Last week I saw Russian Red (aka Lourdes Hernández) in concert, for the third time, I might add. I'll say that I enjoyed the gig very much, even though just to complain a little bit about her, she keeps being extremely dull and boring on stage. IMHO, a run-of-the-mill gig can be utterly transformed by the artist's witty asides. I'm talking onstage banter, that stuff that happens between songs and is crucial, for me at least, to the pleasure of a concert as the music itself. In addition to it, her unnatural and really forced arm movement and the constant way of twirling and fiddling with her new gingerish hair, subtracted some spontaneity to the singer-songwriter. 

If you feel curious, I snapped a (not-very-good) picture of Russian Red and her musicians.

But I don't want to focus another post on her. So let's go now for something more gruesome. Hihi! A bit hard to ignore that she was dating Brian Hunt when one considers that his first solo album was called I Lost My Glasses, remembering that what Lourdes loved in the title of her debut album were indeed Brian's goggles. In any case, the LP is not the expected crybaby response. On the contrary, it's notable for its sense of humor. 

This is a quite old video for a song featuring Russian Red recorded shortly after she started her solo musical career and before shooting to fame. 

Brian Hunt - Led By Moses

As far as the clip is concerned, Lourdes seems to be vain, conceited, arrogant and narcissistic. Thus it is evident that after the breakup they have bad vibrations. Of course she chose not to participate in the moving picture, a problem solved by blurring the female performer's face. So, Brian is as blind as a bat without his lost blinkers. LAWLZ ! Hey, I wonder why they didn't call to Anni B Sweet just to make things even more complicated. They are as like as two peas in a pod! Click here.

(For the record: Brian started a promising career as a music producer, where his work on Annie B Sweet first CD stands out). 

Just click to listen to further songs by Brian Hunt.


kurrukata said...

In some shots it seems they're gonna peck!

jke said...

I'll need such glasses.

Ai, from the pics he looks like someone who lives in Berlin! It's a nice story though.

I didn't recognize her on the video, but the voice sounded familiar.

About the concert - I followed it via the livestream online and saw RR performing (http://jke.posterous.com/i-h-this). She looked a bit stressed.

What's this thing with people dating and being so close on one hand, and when they brake up there's so much trouble? (as for the video though, she cleary outshined his voice. i bet he quickly realized that).

kurrukata said...

Hey, if you know a similar guy in Berlin, you should introduce me to him! Haha!

Of course her voice sounds familiar to you... In fact, the bird in this clip is doing playback.

Yep, she's really tense in every concert and interview on TV/youtube. I could understand it if she was a beginner, but the real fact is that she's an old hand.

I truly believe it's too hard to just go back to being friends after having a deep relationship. I think that he has taken advantage of her fame by bringing out some tunes where she sang with him.