June 25, 2011


As you can see, wondering why recurs frequently in song lyrics. If only many of these questions had an answer...


jke said...

Wait, Fool's Garden - isn't this that German band who had this "lemon tree" song some time age? I hope they're not part of your list of German bands, LOL!

Here's another one for your list: Eskobar - Why London? http://grooveshark.com/s/Why+London+/252nRc?src=5

AWESOME said...

Hola :D

I like this Blog, you done some neat job here ;)
I would really like to see you write about Glastonbury music festival, I think it's worth writing about :P


kurrukata said...

@jke Hey, what's wrong with Fools Garden? Eskobar sounds really good! I'm actually going into them in depth!

@Awesome Broo! Thanx for your comment! Alrite, I'd think about that! I know I owe you an email... I'll write you back ASAP! When are you coming to Madrid to visit me?