June 17, 2011

Masochist Song

I usually listen to this song while I'm doing my cardio at the gym (I can't run at high speed, otherwise I'd have no choice but to pay attention to techno music, hehe). It's something with a good beat that I can run to and get me pumped. These lyrics describe how I feel in those moments and encourage me to put in the extra effort needed despite my body's limits.

Young The Giant - My Body

When I saw this track remixed by Two Door Cinema Club on soundcloud  I'll admit I laughed a bit to myself. Nonetheless, sadly for me, it didn't succeed. I suppose I expected a catchy pop slant on the alt-rock song, but what I heard was neither particularly captivating, nor just a rejigged tune with electronic beats. I hope it'll strike a better chord with you! 

I recently read a NY Times article about the effects of listening to music while exercising. Check it out!


jke said...

Like! The soundcloud version is horrible though.

Marina said...

Me gusta! Escribes tantas entradas que no me da tiempo a todas! Gracias! :)

kurrukata said...

Gracias Marina! Me alegro mucho de que te guste, aunque este post ya tiene algún tiempo. Tu opinión cuenta un montoooón!!
Un besote!