June 28, 2011

Shuffling At The Club

Omigosh!! We can't cope with the huge quantity of great releases planned for this month! Bombay Bicycle Club are back with A Different Kind Of Fix, a new album which will be their third stuff to date. This Brit outfit came into my life two years ago, while still being students. Since then, my request for them has been simple: more, please. Now, with their upcoming project consisting of twelve tracks I'll definitely get back on them.

Download the first single by clicking the down-arrow on the right side of the box. Taa-Daa!!


I made a little fun trivia! Do you want to test how much you really know 'bout this band? If you've just heard them for the first time, try your luck out on this simple quiz. Ahh! Don't forget to write a comment with the number of answers you got right.

They started playing under the name...

They have always been called BBC (Bombay Bicycle Club).
The Canals.
The Clubbers.
BBC (meaning British Broadcasting Corporation).

They picked Bombay Bicycle Club...

Because of a bike renting company located near the studios where they recorded their first demo.
Cuz that is the name of a bar in London where they played for the first time.
Named after a chain of Indian restaurants in London.
Named after an old movie starring the Marx Brothers, whom they deeply admire.

What's the name of their second studio album?

I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose.
Ivy & Gold.
Tourist History.

When will their new LP come out?

On August 29th.
On July 12th.
On July 29th.
On August 12th.

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