June 22, 2011

Vibrating (With Emotion)

Heineken Festival Review (I)

Soledad Vélez, Chilean-born but settled in Spain, is one of the, if not the, best voice(s) I cud hear at the festival. Her singing style reminds me a little bit of some musicians, like Édith Piaf or Joan Baez, who made vibrato their trademark. She is not too familiar in my (her) country. I know that someday her talent will go a long way, though. Let things take their course! 

 Secret Sisters

Check out her bandcamp  where she's got the first two EPs up for grabs.

Here is a photo that I took of her at the festival this past weekend.


jke said...

Nice photo shot!

So ppl in Chile name their kids "Solitude" (Soledad)?

kurrukata said...

Yep! The same in Spain!

jke said...

There's something lethargic/depressive to South America (and Spain?) that I will probably never understand. Like a massive load of lost revolutions or never ending Weltschmerz. Dunno if this is matters or is true (seen from my .DE point of view), but as long the music is good it's an interesting phenomenon to witness.

(~my favourite name from Kenya is "Innocence" :-)

jke said...

(or is this a catholic influence? given that some are even called "Immaculate"....)

kurrukata said...

It's said that names reflect personality. Just in case, if I ever had kids, I'll put off certain names that had a definate negative meaning, such as "Dolores" (Pains).

JT_Hos said...

viva chilespaña!