June 8, 2011

What Did Anna Say?

Maybe you haven't said hello to Annasaid, my revelation of the week. Uh huh, just another band from Denmark. At this rate, I'll be speaking Danish soon, roffle! 

This four-piece peppy group started playing in 2005 and since then they've been through many changes into some of the band members and their musical underpinnings. Totally contrary to what's happening in the music industry,  they moved from mainstream pop-rock in Danish to indie culture, opting to take on teh entire managerial and financial responsability themselves. 

After an extraordinary amount of dedication and hard work, these lads, with an average age of merely twenty-two years, have proven themselves to be one of the most talented and fastest emerging current bands. I'm sure they're gonna leave you impressed and hungry for more.




BrainExpat said...

I love their modern sound with old smell of postpunk. Something half-way between Two Door Cinema Club and The Marionettes.

BrainExpat said...

typo: I meant Mary Onettes