June 9, 2011

High Performance Machine

As I told you I have recently become a real fan of French-Canadian indie music. This time I bring you Tricot Machine, a charming duo consisting of Catherine Leduc and Matthieu Beaumont, both real-life couple.  Usually, song lyrics are written by Daniel Beaumont, Matthieu's brother.

I would describe this music as modern folk-rock, mostly piano-voice tracks with the addition of other instrumentation, like acoustic guitar, drums, even banjo and horns.

The universe of Tricot Machine is full of colors, shapes and textures. They use not only their music but also their videos to convey their own childhood memories, a kind of dreamworld starring  puppets, plasticine animation and of course, tricot strips.

Tricot Machine || Radar

Did you like it? Do you want more? Aiight! You can download their entire albums for free!

 Tricot Machine - Tricot Machine

 Tricot Machine - La Prochaine Etape

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BrainExpat said...

Beautiful :) How can you keep up with such a posting pace?