June 18, 2011

A Double Portion Of Mud

When the always-provocative Peaches released her fifth album I Feel Cream in 2009, she vowed to make a video for every song on the album. Twenty-two months later, she definitely wrapped up that project, by finalizing the video for the remaining track Mud. But it seems as though the latest just wasn't enough and a second, completely different version of the clip has recently been released. The reason is that they wanted to work with two different production companies and knew the outcomes in both cases would be totally amazing

In the first video, filmed in one slowed-down 80-second take, the singer is getting drenched in dirty water, sludge and other crazy gross stuff. In the second one, she wears a dress made out of doll heads, coming also on stage two birds struggling in the mud.
Personally, I prefer the first clip because of the awsome reverse effect and her funny facial expressions. Apparently the mud they used for the video, was actually fertilizer. OMFG! How revolting!! What people do for art! And from what she tells, she tried not to react to that sickening smell and all the different textures and temperatures coming at her. She knew that so much would literally be flying at her so she had the plan to be extremely conscious of her facial expression and it was clear that they could only do the take once.

And you? Which video do you like the most?

The slow-mo reverso version.
The fierce and darker version.



There's a music festival going on this coming weekend and I'm not being able to write good stuff... Anyway, I won't let you without music. I'll post some old videos previously posted elsewhere.

Yup Yup!! I'm looking forward to seeing Toro Y Moi, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Wild Beasts, Crystal Fighters, Glasvegas, Caribou, Lykke Li, Russian Red and many more! I'll make note of their gigs to write tons of chronicles for you, readers. 

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