June 30, 2011

I Wish That Ads Didn't Ruin Them So Soon

I felt instant love for Herman Düne from the moment I first heard I Wish That I Could See You Soon, a catchy and upbeat anti-folk ditty, despite its melancholic lyrical content, whose video is the perfect mesh of visuals and music. I guess you've already seen it, but definitely worth a look again.

One could think it sounds like it was written for Sesame Street: puppets and moppets, a pile of kids, angelic back-up singers, the simple croon that would almost be creepy in an older man, not to mention the congas and the awsome pink furry hoodie over this full beard. In a way, this almost childlike sweetness and the simple lyrics make Herman Düne's style what it is, otherwise they wouldn't sound so melodious. In fact, each song in the album has a similar structure: a few short lines followed by the title phrase capping each stanza.

Ok, now in case you are wondering who the hell is hiding under the name of Herman Düne, here is the answer. Andre and David-Ivar Herman Düne are a duo with roots in Sweden, France, Switzerland and Israel, formed in 1999. Also, they have a list of people they collaborate with, who live in different cities (Berlin, New York and Paris) and gather for concerts, tours and recordings. That's the reason why they have loads of influences in their music, although they always cite Van Morrison, which explains why my beloved song sounds sooo similar to the Morrison's Precious Time.

Once again, whilst I can only rely on youtube, Herman Düne's live performances seem to be a very interesting experience (and not only to see how cute they are with their bushy beards). You know, it's one of these rich gigs which provides something different from what listen to at home on the record. Damn it! I wish that I could see them soon!

But this post really pretends to complain about those advertisers (and I myself am adwoman) who tend to choose my most favorite tunes for their summery commercials. Nowadays, I cannot avoid thinking about "this beer brand" while listening to this song. What is more, there's blatant advertising of a popular Spanish restaurant I will never go in my life. Thanx, dudes, YTB! Ouch, c'mon! The same happened before with Applejack by The Triangles and the smashing Summercat by Billie the Vision & the Dancers and now this. Why do you insist on spoiling these coolest songs?

Look, this is the extended version of the ad I'm talking writing about.

Let's leave that matter aside FOR NOW and focus on Herman Düne's new album, Strange Moosic, dropped this month. This is the video for the first single entitled Tell Me Something I Don't Know, starring Jon Hamm, who precisely plays advertising executive in Mad Men. Isn't it true that the yeti is so cute? If only I could take him home with me!

Here is a spotify  link if you fancy to continue your research.

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