August 5, 2011

Music FOR rESTing

Great! Catalan folksters return to irrelephant's world! As I told you in a previous post, there are a handful of amazing Spaniard bands that don't necessarily sing in Spanish (or in English), whose musical offerings close to the more experimental sounds leave no one indifferent. Nobody doubts the music "made in Catalonia" is flourishing. Antònia Font, Mishima, Standstill and Anímic are only some examples. I will continue talking about them in future posts.

Albert Aromir, aka Bedroom, launched his most recent stuff entitled El Fum Blanc last February, containing intimate and minimalist songs, gently strummed and slooow music [it's hardly surprising that he called himself Bedroom], well crafted lyrics and whispering voices within this new music-streaming that cud be called "Catalan minimal-folk". But what I find most compelling about him is his abstract narrative that unfolds like a wonderfully bizarre dream.

Cançó De L' Alba is a haunting and magical track tinged with melancholy, whose vid presents several odd vignettes that have nothing to do with each other. It's like a surreal journey into the woods featuring all manner of strange, even in some cases slightly erotic, occurrences that remind me of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck's Heaven Can Wait (click here). I'm predicting that collages of found footage and surreal images will be the new trend for music videos from now on. I get the feeling I always write posts on the same topic! LOL.

The second video I bring you, Els Nens Soldat, is a gorgeous clip that follows an innocent children's play battle through the autumn forest. Erm. What is up with those woods? Why does he have such a fixation with them? Anyway, kids had a ball while recording the short movie, forsho.

Cançó De L'Alba (meaning "dawn song")

Els Nens Soldat (meaning "soldier boys")


Paola said...

No paro de escuchar Els Nens Soldat, gracias de nuevo por descubrirme tan buena música... Deseando verte...

Cris said...

hola! soy compi de Paola y me ha pasado tu blog. Me encantan las listas de Spotify! Ya tengo nueva musica para amenizar las largas horas de oficina. Gracias! ;)

kurrukata said...

@Paola Sabía que te iba a gustar! Te hace tarde en la filmoteca la semana que viene? :)

@Cris Hey, muchas gracias! He visto que te has suscrito a las de irrelephant. Echa un oído al resto de listas, a ver si encuentras algo interesante. Yo voy corriendo a investigar las tuyas!

Marina said...

Gracias por enseñarme muchisima música nueva, adoro tus listas de spotify.
Incluyo estas canciones también, me han gustado mucho