August 13, 2011

An Odd But Yummy Combination

After spreading his love for Laura Marling to all and sundry (we already saw that he was not the only one - click here -), Beans On Toast, known to his friends simply as Jay, has earned himself a spot in the country-folk scene. The first time I heard the name of this singer I started to laugh. Is there really someone who eats that stuff?

Anyway, despite this weird name, he is one of the few artists to go beyond the realm of love in his lyrics, offering a mixture of political satire, dark humor and open comedy which is played on a humble guitar.  According to him, all his songs contain the same easy chords. Among the many tunes that I like, those that stand out in my mind most are Dirty Paki, where he talks about immigration and cultural diversity, The Price Of Rice, dealing with growing economic inflation, or Fuck The Smoking Ban, speaking about... Well, it's obvious, innit?

Here you have some soundclouds plus a link to his Spotify playlist. I hope you like these Beans On Toast as much as I do.

 Dirty Paki

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