August 6, 2011


Clare Wieck is an English-born musician based in New Zealand and as far as it seems, she's got such a sweet tooth. 

Despite the title of the song, You've Got To Go For It, I don't think she put so much effort into devouring the six finely decorated mini-pies from the clip. Honestly, seeing her gobble all the cupcakes in the space of a two-minute-video made me feel a little giddy and took away my hunger. What a way of wolfing them down! In any case, this happy-go-lucky sound is about as yummy as a pastel-topped confection, so yeah, this vid makes tons of sense. 

BTW, the one hiding behind these muffin-eyes is my beloved friend Bülent, with whom I stuffed myself with these little cakes at Brick Lane's Backyard Market in London. At first we felt sad about eating something that looked so beautiful and took so long and we did nothing but taking pics. Oh, it's so sad to see the artfully decorated stuff meet their grisly end... After a while, we started eating them in twos! LMAO.

(Girl) You've Got To Go For It


bülent said...

OMG she seems to be worse than what we did!=) thx for remembering me with a such video!:)))) that day we were taking photos in brick was such an awesome day... hope we can do it again sometime soon... cheersss;))) Bülent

kurrukata said...

Yep, we had a spanking good time!
Hope to see you soon too, homie! XOXO