August 14, 2011

Successful Shots

Great! Brit-rock band The Rifles return with a series of new songs from their long awaited third studio album Freedom Run on September 20, with lead single entitled Tangled Up In Love out August 16. As far as it's concerned, there's a clear difference in sound, replacing their usual nostalgia with happier and dangerously infectious melodies.

After adding new drummer and bassist (the previous band members had been clashing egos and squabbling about money issues), this outfit is ready to dazzle crowds. 

You can listen to it on SoundCloud.

Tangled Up In Love



I'll be on holiday in the coming days. Didn't want to leave you without the daily post so I thought about writing some stuff in advance and scheduling it (in fact I was already working on that). Nevertheless, due to various circumstances during the week, it was impossible for me to go on with it and the results are no as great as they pretended to be. Sorry a lot.

Anyway, I'll BRB soon!

Cheers! :)

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