August 24, 2011

Dizzy Dazzling

About a month ago, I brought you Ok Go's new HTML video full of some psychedelic look (click here to re-read the post). After doing some rounds on the internet today I discovered this variant of the clip for Passion Pit, Sleepyhead, a super-uber-bombshell song. The thing is that this short film, which shows parts of the human anatomy within a rhythmic dance, seems to have inspired the Chicagoan quartet, contributing also to my mental and physical health, as the original video is quite disturbing to see due to the lights flashing again and again. 

I truly feel great Passion for Pitt (upsss... we're not talking about Brad, are we?) but if the electro-pop band pretended that the video was in line with the title of the song, they're totally wrong. Every time I watch it, it makes me nervous and my head is unsleepy !


Original One

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