August 9, 2011

Party Wall

They must be putting something in the water in Canada, hehe. La Patère Rose stands as another example of a great band to emerge from the collective of Canadian musical talent. Actually I had already posted something from them previously (click here) but I believe I did not give them the recognition they deserve. Thus, here you have another wicked cool song full of funky beats, a little bit of electronic, a slow and mellow piano melody, fun and bouncy tunes that spread a colorful, passionate and sensitive universe. Drawing influence from pop songstresses such as Martha Wainwright, Lily Allen, Béatrice Martin from Coeur de Pirate and Camille, the group creates their own brand of bright and quirky music perfect to accompany a relaxing day in the summer sun. For me, the aesthetic look of this piece is also brilliant.

Although the band announced their official separation earlier this year, we can't wait for the solo album currently being created by lead singer Fanny Bloom. If it's anything like La Patère Rose, we're already fans!

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