August 3, 2011

Anyone For Tennis?

All the albums that have a great story behind them tend to have a special charm. That is precisely the case with Tennis, a husband and wife twee-pop duo comprised of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, who met while studying philosophy in college. The two planned that upon graduating, they'd sell their collective possessions and buy a small sailboat to spend the next year living aboard and traveling exclusively under sail.

Spurred by a seven-month sailing trip, the couple started writing songs as sort of a soundtrack for their experiences. After their return to land, they felt inspired to craft their stories into charming, simple and sunny songs reminiscent of the 70s. Cape Dory, their debut retro-pop record, was launched in January of this year. The video for Take Me Somewhere seems to attest to this awsome year-long adventure tour. Ouch, I feel sooo envious...

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JT_Hos said...

Love this guys... one of the best albums I've heard lately... cheers :)