August 10, 2011

Music Training In Record Time

Yay! Yesterday one of my big buzzes of 2010 dropped a spanking new second album! From all the current "rabbits' bands", the much under-rated psych-pop-folk Pepper Rabbit is probably my favorite. This L.A.-based but New Orleans-inspired duo released its debut LP entitled Beauregard last fall, landing the chamber-pop group tour dates with Passion Pit, Freelance Whales and Ra Ra Riot.

Now, their sophomore album, Red Velvet Snow Ball, named after a flavor of snow cone, incorporates a total of eleven instruments (including ukeleles, clarinet, analog loops and horns) into its sound. Band member Xander Singh acquired most of the stuff from the vintage music store where he worked and took it upon himself to learn them through self-instruction and YouTube  videos.

Ok, dudes, I don't want to say I was let down when I got the full version of Beauregard, but it's true that I expected every tune to suck me in like Older Brother or Harvest Moon and leave me grinning like I was on nitrous. But alas, that didn't happen. 

Older Brother
Hasvest Moon

Anyway, the new record is both powerful and captivating, being also a solid next step from an already entrancing band. I have some tasters from the record for you, so take a listen now and form your own opinion! 

Here you have the entire new album but I warn you in advance that Pepper Rabbit will make you never want to leave.

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