May 30, 2011

Out Of The Cages!

If you are not familiar with the name Deas Vail, you certainly will spot it in the near future. TBH, I had never heard of them, despite being together as a band for four years.

I don't typically go for the indie/emo rock thing. This band, though, took me by surprise cos it's able to interlace sweet sounds with head bobbing rock.

As a matter of interest, in the music video for Excuses from their most recent album, Birds & Cages, all band members were seen wearing an armband with a key attached to it on their left forearm. For them, these keys represent a search for love, hope, freedom and release from all those cages we are just stuck in life (hence the record title). 


OK, I'll be clearer. The band is all right, but it doesn't knock me out. Even though, as far as Birds & Cages is concerned, I reckon it warrants at least one listen-through.

2. Growing Pains 
3. Puzzles & Pieces   
4. The Leaper

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