May 21, 2011

Banhart's Women

Loads of muses inspire Devendra Banhart hazy folk songs. So many that he can't even remember their names sometimes [The Other Woman].  

The alias of Devendra was a suggestion of a spiritual master, although he insists that there's nothing related to religion behind it. Having such an uncommon name must have had some effect on his many chart successes, foshoFrom what he tells, he has even been mistook for a girl, when totally clean shaven,  not only cos of his name, but also cos of his falsetto voice and his fine bone structure.

What I like most about him is the frequent mix of English and Spanish in his lyrics, even in the same track (Banhart grew up in Venezuela),  and his vibrant voice while warbling his throat.

Don't you think this lad is a real big shot?

1. Rosa
2. Angelika
3. Carmensita
4. The Other Woman

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