May 7, 2011

I Hate You But I Love You Too

That's sooo trude! Just yesterday I wrote a post about Lourdes Hernández, aka Russian Red, and her duplicates.

I got utterly wild about her exceptional voice, her beautifully crafted songs, her lovely baby face and her trendy babydoll dresses for a long time. Nevertheless, after listening to this chick ad nauseam (her tracks were used in commercials, movies and TV shows), I ended up having a grudge against "the red lip bird" and her lost glasses.

Now, she's due to release her new album 'Fuerteventura' on May 10, teaming up with musicians from Belle & Sebastian. I suppose I'll also get fed up with it sooner or later but for now I'm totally thrilled. Yay!!

The official video for the first single was shot two days ago. To be honest I don't like it at all, but  I'd say it's worth checking out at least. 

I also include a unique interview with the singer-songwriter talking 'bout her second album.

Added bonus - You can download first four tracks from new release by clicking the button. Enjoy!!

  For those with Spotify, listen to the whole playlist.

1 comment:

jke said...

Seeing her playing almost live (via the internet, live stream from this festival in Madrid), I can finally relate to this post. She's a magical bird!

But I am also glad I don't have to hear her every day in commercials.