May 19, 2011


All those who loved Bon Iver's first record, For Emma, Forever Ago (ME!) will be nervously biting their nails these days! The reason is that after a two-year hibernation "ivernation", the four-piece indie folk band releases a second album. At last!!

Despite this self-titled LP will come out on next June 20, you'll be able to listen one of the tunes: Calgary. Sooo, just click next button and enjoy!!

The album will consists of ten songs, each of which is named after or describes a special place for the band. Minnesota, Michicant and Calgary are just some examples. In the following interview I found on the net, Vernon, the band's bearded frontman, explains the origins of the opening track, Perth.

As a matter of interest, I'll tell you that the album, painstakingly crafted over three years, was recorded and mixed at a former veterinarian's clinic converted into a recording studio by Vernon and his brother. That's astonishing, innit?

Holy crap, I'm super-duper excited 'bout the newfangled tunes cos I’ve listened to Skinny Love soooo many times that the disc started to crack!!

NB: Did you know that the name "Bon Iver" is a play on the French phrase "bon hiver", meaning "good winter"?

Updated Information

Thanks to the tip-off from jke, here's your first chance to listen to the entire album for free.


Anonymous said...

Well worth the wait! ;-)

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I'm really grateful for your contribution! I'll put it in the post so that people don't miss it. High five, Juergen!!