May 9, 2011

Spanish-Flavored Greeting

I just couldn't create a music blog without telling the world about my favorite uplifting band from my country.

Hola A Todo El Mundo *from now on HATEM* (Spanish for "Hello everybody") is a string band somewhere between Devendra Banhart and Animal Collective, that released their self-titled debut album in 2010. This was followed by a second album launched a month ago, 'Estela Castiza', including eight full length tracks, in this instance singin' in Spanish,  with many nuances, and something else to discover behind the band.

There's hella magic in their fresh and vital sounds that leaves no one indifferent. Anything can happen in the same song!

For those with Spotify, you can listen to my two fave songs from new album by clicking the buttons below.             
  León Comunión            Número Nadie

I very much would have liked to attend one of the music festivals where they performed last year, but it was impossible for me. Finally I was lucky enough to see them play live 'bout over a month and a half ago, and I have to say that their gigs are pure entertainment. On stage, a charming display, including  flowers, lights strings, five musicians out of space and time and a stunning variety of instruments such as violins, guitars, banjos, xylophones, accordions, ukuleles, drums, tambourines, bells and even castanets, a rather ancient and typically Spanish instrument. I was in the first row for the show and it almost seemed like they were playing just for me and perfectly blending into my mood. Small crowd of maybe 150 people and great, fan-fucking-tastic vibe! They should mos def be named LOVEM instead of HATEM.

[Press the button to check out the footage I shot at the concert. I also did take some video of the band and stage but the file exceeds the maximum size allowed.]

If you wanna know what I'm talking writing about, spend just a few short seconds of watching next video. Yeah! I also find it a bit tacky and lowbrow, but it's the only one they've got up to now. All the same, I'm pretty sure you'll become addicted to it.


jke said...

+1 like!

hire magento developer said...

Cool track. I am just highly overwhelmed hearing this track. Thanks for the wonderful post.

kurrukata said...

Thanx to you for leaving your mark @ irrelephant!

jke said...

I had to come back to this blog post. I think that HATEM are very, very special. It may not be the music for every summer day (Leon Comunion maybe), but they are just very good and musically much more advanced than some other popular musicians I got to hear lately.

So...big up to you for sharing this with us. I love this band.

kurrukata said...

@jke I really appreciate your comment! I agree with you, their songs dig and dig in one's brain.