May 10, 2011

Since When Is Math An Easy Subject?

Yippee, the long awaited Manchester Orchestra new stuff is here! They set to release Simple Math album on May 10, better said TODAY!

Up until this morning I had only taken heed to the first self-titled single, Simple Math, and at this point, I've listened to the whole album three times! It's utterly breathtaking upon first listen and once you begin it, it's nearly impossible to stop. By the time you finish all ten songs you are craving more. Too bad they are hardly known in Spain cos it's one of those bands I just want to share with the entire world. So, for those who haven't gotten into them in the past, this is the album to listen!
[I just feel like this will be really geared towards a mainstream audience, after people reading my suggestion. ROFL, just kiddin'.]

I'd say Simple Math and Virgin are my favorites. 
Each song is packed with emotional-sounding lyrics, incorporating their personal experiences, with a symphony of powerful music including many orchestral instruments like violins and horns. Check out below!

Dunno if I prefer the video or the song. Both are pretty freakin' cool!! If you only have time for one single, make it this one.

Simple Math makes me feel as though I'm reading through their diaries when I shouldn't be.

BTW, contrary to expectations, they ain't from Manchester (UK), but from Atlanta, Georgia.


kurrukata said...

A lot of the video reminds me so much of some 'Inception' movie scenes. Watcha think about it?

ben_walker said...

wow, I was thinking the same thing actually! This video reminds me a lot more of the Where The Wild Things Are movie rather than Inception (actually probably a nice blend of the two, which is why I love it so!)

Allian80 said...

(: lol This MO video reminds me of Mr. Writer by Stereophonics or Untitled by Simple Plan!

kurrukata said...

You both are right, guys!!
I'll draw another comparison: 'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind', when Jim Carrey follows Kate Winslet down the street while the world around him is going nuts.
Thanx a bunch for reading my blog!