May 25, 2011

Hindi Indie

That's the Hindi version of irrelephant's avatar!!
This post is a small immersion in one of the cultures that has always fascinated me and I yearn to know more. Today I bring you Hindi music without neglecting folk (what did you expect? lol). 

To be honest, I never thought I'd see the day when banjo music is crossed with traditional Indian music but here it is!

It’s true that Indian music has previously influenced other styles with its mantra-like vocals and droning bass lines although it ain’t always been successful. In fact, I would like to remind you those bold efforts of our beloved George Harrison whose huge role in introducing world music was often tempered by some Hindustani based songs on various Beatles albums such as Love To You from Revolver.

Alrite then. Last year, British folk musicians Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons decided to collaborate with Indian folk collective, The Dharohar Project, carrying out a sparkling EP. All of them met up initially on the tour of India undertaken jointly in the winter of 2009 as part of a cultural exchange project. What was at the very outset deemed as a musical experiment, turned out to be an absolutely amazing mix of East & West. The album sounds spectacular, so much talent from two different worlds poured into four tracks, comprising some existing songs such as Devil’s Spoke and To Darkness, which are given a radical overhaul.
1. Devil’s Spoke / Sneh Ko Marg
2. To Darkness / Kripa
3. Anmol Rishtey
4. Mehendi Rachi


jke said...

Ahhhhh, totally awesome! (@ Devil's Spoke/Sneh Ko Marg)

kurrukata said...

You should see me dance! Feelin' like a Bollywood superstar!!