September 4, 2011

We're Drumgry!

The sophomore album from Brooklyn band The Drums, Portamento, will be official released next September 13.

The trio seems to be totally immersed in this project since their debut album was launched not so long ago.

Channeling a sound somewhere between Vampire Weekend and '60s surf-rock, their Beach Boys-eqsue aesthetic single Let's Go Surfing beams with the heady optimism mixing drums with pleasing melodies and lyrics about, well, surfing.


In their music video for Money, the first track to appear from their upcoming LP, these rockers gave us an inside look into their practice studio.

Now, we can get a slightly creepier and lo-fi peek at their beloved hole in the wall with their live performance of the track What You Were. The video features the band shot through the lens of some security camera, strumming through yet-another '80s-inspired New Wave rock number full of forlorn.

Although Portamento still isn't due out for a few weeks, if you're on a Drums kick, you can now check out an album stream of the all twelve tracks by clicking here

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