September 16, 2011

Pleasant Peasants

The Welsh indie-rock outfit under the name of Los Campesinos!recently revealed that Harriet (violin, keyboards and vocals) would be leaving the band in September to continue her studies. A few days later, they announced plans for LP number four, Hello Sadness, due for release on November 14. Last week the band launched the first single from the album, By Your Hand, accompanied by a music video.

The new stuff was conceived in Girona, Spain, earlier this year (when I told you Spain is in vogue, I was rite, huh?). The end result is billed as ten songs of love, loss and heartbreak. In other words, the prototypical Los Campesinos! record. In fact, we could not expect anything different with that "positive" title.

* Los Campesinos! refer to "The Peasants" in Spanish.

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