September 10, 2011

A Tribute To The Fandom

A few days ago I brought you the premiere of the new album by Nathan Williams (click here). Now it's time for Best Coast, the band fronted by his girlfriend Bethany Cosentino.

Earlier this week we were graced with a video for Our Deal, taken from last year's stellar Crazy For You, which combines elements of Romeo & Juliet  and West Side Story.

If this clip has engaged with your feelings while watching, press the button to enjoy the full version.

We didn't have to wait long to get our Best Coast fix satisfied, as the band have recently posted on their blog a previously unreleased cut with How They Want Me To Be, as a thank you to all their fans who have been with them since day one. Bethany also drafted a nice note, which you can read here. According to the outfit's site, the tune is meant to serve as a snack to tide fans over until their still-in-the-works second album is ready for release, though we shouldn't expect it anytime soon cuz it will likely be re-recorded and fleshed out a bit.  

Check out How They Want Me To Be below:


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