September 17, 2011

Recognizing An Old Friend

This time I bring you some Spanish music since many of you keep asking for more bands from my country. I hope you like Lori Meyers, who took their name from one of their favorite NOFX tracks. [The lyrics deal with a guy having a childhood friend and recognizing her as a porn star many years later while watching TV].

Whilst sung in Spanish, their powerful songs have a more American sound since their last album was conceived in L.A. The band displays a wide range of pop songs containing catchy melodies and shiny guitar sounds. Needless to say, it won't take long before you're hooked. Trust me you won't be able to resist these songs or the temptation to blare them out and tap your feet!

Take a peek below to hear the rest of their songs:


Anonymous said...

we like lori meyers for sure!!!
what happened with tokio ya no nos quiere? =P.

kurrukata said...

Are you going to these gigs? Yesterday, a friend told me that Herman Düne and Mando Diao will play during the Mercè festivities as well (and for free!). I'd rather see theeeeem!