September 24, 2011

Autumn Rose In Bloom

Lucy Rose has one of those wondrous voices that hits you every-time you hear it. She posses a soft and delicate with a slight husk voice and writes songs with the sort of honest straight forward sincerity that can only come from the heart. Indeed, my love for broken-hearted, British, folk singing beauties has grown exponentially thanks to her excellent break-up song Middle Of The Bed

Despite she's been playing open mic nights in London since she was 18, she is now starting to gain recognition from peers (she featured on Bombay Bicycle Club's album, Flaws) and radio, which is leading to the release of her new single, Scar.

I've been craving something new from her for a while, and now my appetite has been sated by this calming, beautiful piece of melodic indie-folk, which also features friend and Bombay Bicycle Club lead singer Jack Steadman. This track was released last September 19. You can hit the jump for the striking video. 

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