September 28, 2011

Lodgers In My Mind

I've been really, really spoilt these past few days with new music. My ears are still ringing as I'm blown away by the amount of releases I have seen during this whole month. 

Ski Lodge is one of the bands that has by far enchanted me the most! 

Actually, this is the last project of Andrew Marr, who previously recorded with The Clementines. The multiple comparisons to their compatriots Vampire Weekend might be hard to avoid, that's true. However, their catchy songs with soft vocals which tend to be short and happy and deceivingly simple, gives the band their own pop sound an edge. Listen below:

 A Game

 I Would Die To Be

Despite they released their self-titled debut EP last September 13, there hasn't been an official album announcement. Nevertheless, I can only assume those tracks are warning shots for something promising in the near future. Ouch! After hearing these eargasms I'm craving more from theeeeem. Spin more tunes in Spotify! 

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