September 12, 2011


Everything about this band makes me nostalgic about something (better said, someone). Listening to this music, I can't stop thinking about those better days and my eyes are always filled with tears that no cloth, napkin, or tissue can sop up. Thus, I attempt to listen to it as little as possible, even though I've had a big soft spot for Swedish Hello Saferide (I really loved it back then, most likely still do).

Apart from anything else, I haven't really given a chance for Annika Norlin's another moniker Säkert! until now. Mostly because the lyrics are a big part of her charm and my Swedish skills are nowadays pretty non-existent. It looks like she's venturing into new territory with her new stuff, because now Säkert! songs have been released with English lyrics. Without a doubt, it's a moving, charming collection that has neatly filled a gap for her many non-Swedish speakers fans, and a most welcome addition to her consistently impressive body of work. The album entitled På Engelska is now out and available and the new music video is called Can I.  With regard to it, it's your chance to tell the world what you have dared to do. Are you up for the challenge? I dare you.

And how could I not post Hello Saferide's Anna video, if I write about Annika Norlin. It'd be a sacrilege! I had the chance to see her live just a few feet away and I can tell you that there were moments where she nailed an emotion that could inevitably take my breath away.

If you're Spotified, click the button below to listen carefully to these glorious latest songs by Annika:


jke said...

You know you can improve your Swedish when you set your Spotify-account to "Sweden" :-)

(oh, and enter a fake post code, e.g. use the one from Instituto Cervantes in Stockholm)

kurrukata said...

Hahaha. You're fuckin' crazy, dude!