January 28, 2013

Identical Chords (II)

This is the second installment in a series that began a while ago. Click here

I swear, every time I start hearing these two songs, I certainly can't say which is which. No kidding. It's only after the first ten seconds, that I realize what I'm listening to, hehe. The basic ukulele opening chords are exactly the same, and the scale extends through the whole compass of the melody. The Spaniards Klaus & Kinski launched the track from their album Tierra, Trágalos in 2010, while Soledad Vélez (Chilean-born but settled in Spain) released her stuff, Black Light In The Forest, just one year later.

Ok, guys. What do you think 'bout it? Coincidence or plagiarism?


Anonymous said...

maybe there was an affair which made inspiration coincide...?

kurrukata said...

DK. They both live in Spain so may have coincided with personal events that involved certain songs.