January 7, 2013

A Call For Forgiveness

You know it. The most telling expressions of sadness, exhaustion, loss, grief, consumption and melancholy are to be found in romance. 

Sometimes, we don't want to accept that love is a relationship where give and take rarely occurs in equal degrees. Sometimes we don't understand it is not the proper moment. Sometimes we don't even realize that people who may feel overwhelmed and losing themselves need to go off on their own and withdraw. Sometimes we screwed up once and again and again. 

This story is one of forgiveness. A strange, delighting and disturbing universe where lyrics delve into something profound: the tears and agony, the accumulation of errors, the acceptance of those personal mistakes, the fight against our cornered animal instincts which are inevitably exposed from time to time, and the frenzied call for clemency and reconciliation with minimal traces of hope.

El Columpio Asesino - Perlas

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