January 12, 2013

Cutting Cat

Los Punsetes is a household name in the Spanish indie scene. Nevertheless, I don't like them at all. Or at least, I held this opinion for a long time.

Do you know these bands with girls who sing in that monotone naive vocal style that resembles kindergarten teachers? Okey then. They are an example of it.

Nonetheless, I cannot deny that their kind of aesthetic and their crudely humorous, ironic and nihilistic me-against-the-world lyrics (sometimes containing language not suitable for all audiences), led the outfit being simultaneously unique, refreshing and provocative. I don't know. It can be the forthcoming breeze of a band that's entering maturity, but the Madrilenian quintet seem to have settled for finding a comfortable groove since the launch of  their third album entitled Una Montaña Es Una Montaña (A Mountain Is A Mountain). 

As opposed to what we were used to, they've decided to progress within the confines of well executed clean guitar rock more often than making us feel uncomfortably delighted with their enfant-terrible approach. Yep folks, I never thought I would say this, but I find their song Un Corte Limpio (Clean Cut) absolutely amazingly beautiful (despite talking about surgeons and experienced killers, hehe). Seriously, I love the way it grows with intensity and finishes with a massive ending. Superb!

If that track leaves you scratching your head, you probably want to listen to the album in its entirety. Just click the button below and you'll get it.


Anonymous said...

a mí estas CHICAS tampoco me acaban de molar. no sabré encontrarles...

kurrukata said...

Yo creo que la peor de todas es Marina, de Klaus & Kinski. Con ella me duermo.