February 3, 2013

Waiting Patiently

One of the major motivations for blogging is sharing stuff with many other people who feel the same passion for something as I do. AFAIC, I'm freaking happy for some loyal followers' contributions that have fascinated and inspired me lately. Nowadays, there's competition between us, in the sense that we always try to outdo each other. And once again, Anna is responsible for my weekly obsesion: folk inspired pop outfit, Busby Marou.

The Aussie band primarily consists of Thomas Busby and Jeremy Marou, however several other musicians perform with the duo in concert. They excel on just about every instrument they touch including ukulele, bass, drums and piano, however, it is their natural ability on the guitar that makes you stop and listen. This combined with their distinctly way of sharing stories has developed into a unique song writing flavour characterized by meaningful lyrics with a touch of romanticism without sounding contrived.

After their 2009 EP, The Blue Road, stirred considerable critical acclaim from music reviewers, they returned last year with their self-titled debut album. While the LP is absolute gold from beginning to end, there are a handful of standout tunes that deserve special attention. One of those tracks is Biding My Time, which is basically about hanging around the same spot waiting and hoping for a good thing to come into play. This is kinda ironic because it was the last song written for the album and it was penned in the studio in record time. Watch it below.

Ahhh, do not miss the super amazing cover song for Cyndi Lauper's anthem, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Not only are these guys the most incredible guitarists I've ever seen, but their voices... Holy shit, their voices. Simply epic!

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Anna said...

I'm waiting patiently for your next post! I also have an interesting post in my head, hope I'll find time to write about it!