February 20, 2013

Tangled Lineages

Some time ago, I brought you an article about the etymology of certain band names containing Spanish words, when in fact they proceed from other lands (click here). In today's post, we'll uncover the origins of some real singers names. You ready?

At the outset, we all could think that Paolo Nutini, Emiliana Torrini and Elvis Costello are Italian-born artists. Actually, they've got Scottish, Icelandic and English nationalities, respectively. By the same token, Maria Mena and José González are two fairly common (sur)names in Spain. Nonetheless, both were born in Scandinavian countries (Norway and Sweden). Finally, Brit singer Adele, who won six trophies at the latest Grammy Awards, has a French name indeed. Can you think of another one?

New Shoes by Paulo Nutini on Grooveshark
Daydreams by Adele on Grooveshark
Teardrop by José González on Grooveshark
Jungle Drum by Emiliana Torrini on Grooveshark
She by Elvis Costello on Grooveshark
Homeless by Maria Mena on Grooveshark

Special thanks to Yara, Alfonso, Juergen and Jose for their suggestions, in spite of having done just as I pleased, hehe.