June 16, 2012

The Wanderers

D' you know what have in common Arcade Fire, ColdplayLCD Soundsystem and Beirut? Easy: Kelly Pratt, the multi-instrumentalist best known for his brass work in these bands. Pratt is also the singer and chief songwriter of Bright Moments, a Brooklyn-based indie rock band, formerly known as Team B.

Here you can see the cover art from their debut project entitled Natives, which was released three months ago. Overall, this LP showcases Kelly Pratt's growth as a musician and composer, his voracity for music (he did record the entire album in his own apartment) and his capability of excelling in several genres.

But even more so, this LP is a microscopic examination of a place where so many people interact, influence and juxtapose one another, examining the perspectives of the players that contribute to the land (the album) as a whole.

Throughout the 10-song journey, the album provides a lot of the majestic moments. Honorable mentions go to Travelers, Drifters  and Tourists. As you can see, every title is a direct reference to globe-trotting. Holidays are just around the corner, so I'm afraid my mind is playing tricks on me when it comes time to select songs. Just sayin'.

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