June 1, 2012

Singing Bird

Mr. Andrew Bird, Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and whistler, is full of surprises. The release of his brand new album entitled Break It Yourself, is another colorful and quite introspective exercise containing wonderful intimate tunes. In this recent stuff, Bird sounds more luminous and powerful playing songs with simpler chord structures and accessible lyrical content.

This American fowl, unique in its kind, had been publishing a LP per year from the moment he started his solo career, but on this occasion it has been different. Three years have passed since the edition of Noble Beasts, something very unusual taking into account he's a super-active musician. The album shaped up in a highly personal way as he focused on managing the entire process, self-producing and thereby taking full control of the record, achieving just what he wanted with the final outcome.

In his recent video for Eyeoneye, the singer-songwriter gets the animated treatment, becoming a cartoon cutout to explore his inner workings. Hey, if you remember, Belle and Sebastian were turned into this kind of figures in their latest clip for Crash (click here). Cuddly paper cutout characters seem to be in vogue, huh? Really awesome!

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