May 5, 2012

They Rock, Citizens!

Citizens! are an indie band that hail from London whose insanely addictive debut single, True Romance, has quickly turned into one of our fave songs. Seriously peeps, this song is, there or thereabouts, fantastic. The only thing we hate to hit them back with an exclamation mark of our own, is that True Romance is a song title that's been used by at least half a dozen other bands! What happened there lads? Of all the song names! 

Now they have premiered their latest video for third single Caroline. It's also a supremely infectious affair. Catchy to the core with huge vocal hooks and a super snappy, danceable rhythm section. One listen to it and you'll be swimming in delight.

The tune follows the band's recent release Reptile and shares more than a passing similarity to their previous vid, with muted tones and sharp suits once again the order of the day. 

Their debut album, Here We Are, is due for release on May 28. We really think the exclamation mark in their name is a real godsend!



True Romance

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