April 26, 2012

Having A Crush On Crash

Ahem! Attention all hardcore Belle & Sebastian fanatics. I hope you don't get offended but this band has great power to generate bitterness and nostalgia in people with their full of sorrow and grief-stricken tunes. Only THEY are able to convert one of the most popular cheerful anthems into a sad and bitter song, and yet the final result somehow fascinates me.

The Scot band has recorded a delicate cover of the 1988 hit Crash by British indie pop group The Primitives, which appears on their second installment of the compilation series Late Night Tales, out TODAY. It follows their 2006 entry in the series. Check out the video that features the band exploring London as cuddly paper cutout characters.

Here you have the original version. Yep, it is the same, although not everybody will notice it, huh?

Crash by The Primitives on Grooveshark

But this is not the only cover done for this song. There are many, many more; even though all of them are quite alike and have nothing to do with the original by The Primitives (IMHO). Among them (and much to my regret), I've included the one by El Canto del Loco, a band I hate with a passion, containing dreadful lyrics translation into Spanish. Enjoy (or maybe not)!


JT_Hos said...

nice cover, love the video

kurrukata said...

Love it too, weón! :*

Anna Pitarch said...

I love this sentence: "El Canto del Loco a band which I hate with a passion" xDD ok I confess I hate them too. I hate them even more since the singer said recently that indie music "sounds badly and the singers actually shout instead of singing". You see? I think is a kind of jalousie 'cause, after singing in solitary, he couldn't collect a huge amount of fans as some indie groups have. I would say to Dani Martin "Shut up your stupid mouth! You don't know ANYTHING about music. You only know how to put music in a recording after your producer does the work FOR YOU!"

Txinin said...

Primitives rules! ECDL also does better than B&S! :D