April 23, 2012

(Rock &) Roll

I love sushi. You get to savor lots of delicious small bites full of different colors, flavors, textures and spices that all come together in one big tasty explosion. My curiosity about these delectable little morsels of raw seafood got the best of me this past weekend, so I went online to see if there was something to these cravings. You know, kind of like how they say they put something addictive in McDonald's hamburgers to make you hungry for them. I thought for sure I'd find some conspiracy theory about it but I didn't. If you know something on this matter, please share.

 Kyle Andrews - Sushi 

  Tunng - Sashimi

Kojak - My Futomaki


Anna Pitarch said...

Well, I think that sushi is rich in glutamate, a food additive, which enhance the flavor. Maybe is the reason why it is so tasty :)

kurrukata said...

Thanks for settling my doubts, sweetheart! :*