April 2, 2012

Open SEAson

The Holy Week begins and many people take a short vacation around this time, as a preview for the summer holidays. As can be expected, I am doing the same thing, hehe. Thus, folks, the sea is waiting for me! Yay!

Special thanks to Bulent who showed me this awesomely appropriate song by Mint Julep, a husband-and-wife duo who formed in Boston around 2007. Since then, they have not ceased to surprise us with their ambient electronic tracks. To The Sea is the latest sultry and engaging stuff contained in their brand new LP, Save Your Season, a heady mix of lulling vocals and mesmerizing compositions. The song is both sad and anxiety-inducing–put it together with a video that jerks left and right, while taking us to the homes of women on the verge of madness. 

Check out this superb short film where two similar camera angles were rapidly alternated, creating a 3D effect. Also a great source of book recommendations! So, enjoy.

Ah, to stream the album in its entirety just click here.