May 14, 2012

Megaman Goes Into Flight (Facilities)

Not long ago we introduced you to Flight Facilities -click here-, this mysterious DJ duo that startled us with some very catchy dance tunes.

Well, they just released this absolutely amazing video for their upcoming single, With You. You' re gonna love it!

After struggling with Flight Falicities's busy schedule, we finally agreed on a moment for this interview with one of mysterious pair, and this is what we got:

Q: What things inspired you for your last video release With You?

A: We always wanted to have an animated video. We looked at lots of different types of animation even when we were trying to get a video for Foreign Language. Our manager finally found a really good one that was within our reach of budget. It was purely coincidental that it was in the anime style. So we realise that the clip bears a strong resemblance to Daft Punk's Interstellar 5555  (click here) but we've come to terms with it. Consider it an homage to a couple of artists we really admire and respect.

Q: We are liking that vibe... Did Megaman had something to do with that too?

A: Well, the creative direction was out of our control. All we asked was if we could be in it as well as Grovesnor. We're sure Megaman was a big influence too.

Q: Is it like that with all your videos? Where do those ideas come from? They all seem very different from each other.

A: We like to get the best from each director. We've been lucky enough to have videos made by people with very strong ideas. There's something to be said for letting a film maker take creative control. It's nice when a music video contains a big part of how that director works. We very rarely try to have creative input. Only a suggestion here and there. It's also easier when we don't have to be in the music videos. A lot of bands and acts like to take part in theirs. We guess it's just a matter of preference.

Q: Your original tunes are very cheerful and up-beat, perfect for a "summer's day in the pool" mood. Are we up for any surprises or is this your signature style?

A: It can be tough to make the music we make. At the end of the day, we're trying to make a song that you can listen to in a club but also listen to by the pool. We want our parents to enjoy our music as well as young people. We try to avoid falling entirely into musical trends and, instead, draw elements from genre's to maintain some sort of relevance. We have a few songs in the future that are a little different but still possess our sound at their core. After only three songs, it's still hard, even for us, to say what our sound is.

Q: Your collaborations so far have been only female voices, except for the upcoming single which would be your first male collaboration, does this have a special reason?
A: We've been big fans of Grovesnor for years. We're working with a lot more females on future songs. It's never been intentional, it's always about finding the right voices for the right music and so far, they've all demanded a girls voice. It's hard to find a particularly unique male voice these days too. Grovesnor definitely has that. We're on the hunt for more male vocalists. Finding the right one is the hardest part.

Q: So far, your list includes Giselle Rosselli, Jess Higgs and recently Grovesnor. Who could we expect on your future collaborations? Any news on that?

A: We've worked with a famous old Australian singer named John Paul Young. We're really excited about that song. We've also just finished recording with Elizabeth Rose who remixed Foreign Language. Other than that, we're still in talks with other vocalists. Not necessarily high profile. It's quite fun to do the digging and find new talent. We can't list some of that talent yet either. We don't want them to be snatched from us before we've finished recording.  

Q: Apart from your original tunes, you've done some remixes. How do you choose songs to remix? What does a song need to get chosen?

A: It's always nice to remix an act with an established profile. But even then, we don't go near a remix unless we really enjoy the original song. Sometimes the act doesn't need a profile, we just have to love the piece of music. We try not to take too many remixes on board. Like our original work, it's nice to be selective.

Q: Flight Facilities has created a sort of myth with the fact that no one knows who you are in dialy life, or even your origin. How do you keep your identities incognito during your live presentations?

A: We always wear our costumes to keep a little mystery. But we're not devastated when people see our faces. It's all just a part of the fun. We play to it as much as we can without it taking over the possibility of having a good time. But who knows? The hidden identity thing may come in handy in future...

Q: It's all part of the show. That's great! Trinidad and Tobago people must be proud!
Piracy nowadays is an issue for lots of musicians, how do you cope with that?

A: It's fine. We'd rather everybody hear our music. We don't care how. We don't mind if people download our music illegally. It's part of the music world. There's no sense in fighting it. It's best to move with it and pioneer new ways of making this business profitable. We're sure everybody has downloaded at least one song illegally. Us included. Who are we to judge?

Q: Totally agreed on that... It is what it is.
Do you have any future plans, any EP's or LP's coming up?

A: We have a few singles lined up and ready to go. Hopefully we should put out another two songs this year. We're still working on singles for now. We put a lot of effort into each individual song. If we sit down to write an album, you'll know about it because we'll probably disappear for five years.

Q: We'll be eagerly waiting for those...

A: Hahaha. I hope so! Or we're out of a job.

Q: Bonus Question: What do you think is irrelephant in life?

A: Youtube ads! They drive us insane! What a horribly annoying way to make such a small amount of money.

Q: It's been a pleasure talking to you... I promise we won't disclose you identity. Hope to hear from you soon!

A: You too dude!

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