May 21, 2012

Jungle Queen

Holy crap. Occasionally a song comes along that just takes you by complete surprise. In witness thereof, with Boy, 19-year-old Aussie Emma Louise created one of the most amazing tunes I've ever heard.

They're all basically the same, letting her know they just heard her song on the air, punctuated with numerous exclamation points and abbreviated phrases like 'OMG' and smiley faces.

"The first few weeks, I was bombarded," Emma Louise says laughing. "Now I don't get as many text messages."

"There was one occasion a few days ago though where I got in my car and for some reason I thought that my CD was playing.

"I thought, 'Oh my God! How embarrassing. People will think that I'm listening to my own CD.' Then I turned off my CD player and it was the radio. It was pretty awesome."

Having just completed her first ever tour, supporting Boy and Bear, Emma Louise will start a solo tour across Queensland, including a gig at the Tanks Art Centre on July 8.

"I remember going to lots of shows at the Tanks and being like, 'Wow! It'd be so amazing to play at the Tanks' and now that it's happening it's like, amazing," she says. "Yeah, it's really weird."

After listening to it a kazillion times, I came across Jungle and was instantly captivated by its seedy underbelly. There must be something about this singer-songwriter. Where Boy is delicate and demure, Jungle brings a purring strength and confidence. Infectious from the start. At multiple points throughout the song, I found myself completely floored by twists, turns, and absolute harmonic perfection. Here you have the video, hot off the press. BTW, after seeing her brand new hairstyle, I'm almost determined to get my hair cut short.

Both hits are actually from a 2011 EP entitled Full Hearts & Empty Rooms. Whimsical and borderline ambient, the soft wonders of Emma Louise voice will hold your head in her heavenly clouds of intimate song writing abilities to comfort you. From the first beat, the tracks carry a momentum and insight which is amazing, considering this was her first release. Listening to her music, immediately I zoom back to my first listen of Florence or Kimbra. Whatcha think?

This tune has all the earmarks of becoming a hit this summer. I have compiled some of the remixes that will be played soon in dance floors all around the world. Check them out!

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